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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hi everybody!!!

In this week we were taken to the ICT Lab for our Technology lesson. We basically started off by going through our new mailing system which is called the squirrelmail, which seems to be a lot more user friendly and customizable.

We were first told to change our login password since they were all set to the same password, meaning anybody could have accessed nebody else's account.

After doing that we were introduced to the Isdweblogs where we were going to make our digital portfolio and do other works for other subjects if needed. We were just shown some basic customizing things such as chaging the looks basic look of our weblogs.

While this was going on, some of my peers were updating their blogs in blogger.com, but i couldn't do anything about it since the internet in my pc was very slow.

That's all for this time. Stayed tuned for what's to come.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Process Journal: Week 1


This is my second post in my blog and sorry if you thought my first post was very short.

Well, in this week's Technology lesson in the Multimedia Room, we first had our register taken and also asked about our laptop if owned or not owned and if configured or not configured. Next we were introduced to our weblogging assignment, so later we were taken to the ICT Lab to try them out ourselves.

Before getting started with our weblogs, we were first told to check our turnitin and noodletools accounts to check if they were working. I also had to assisst Jean with the sites since he is new to the school and he also needed to create his accounts.

After dealing with that , I went straight onto creating my weblog account in blogger.com which is a free, user friendly weblogging site. The biggest problem that I faced was the problem of comming up with a username, because all the usernames that I tried out were allready in use by someone else. But in theend Mrs. Lindsay gave an ingenius idea of just using my school account's username which is "BD99M0094" and as expected... it was available!!! Kudos to Mrs. Lindsay!!! But that wasn't all, the next big problem I faced was the internet as it was as slow as it can be, so I basically ended up with 5-3 minutes in the end of the class to write whatever could.

That's all for this all for the post. Please come back soon as there's going to be more in.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Welcome to my tech journal!!!

I am kind of new to this blogging thing, but i guess it's going to turn out alright.

Hope you enjoy it and and do come back, since there's a lot more to come.