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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


This is my second post for the sixth week.

Hmmm... in this lesson we were basically told to work on stuff, stuff meaning blog, weblogs or the framework and focus task... BUT!!! ... before that we were introduced to EDWARD DE BONO'S 6 HATS!!! This hat-zy thing-zy thingies are basically there to help us out while writing stuff like reflection, diary stuff or even blog posts. The six hats basically cover all aspects of thing we might write about in a written reflective work so I guess the de Bono guy is quite smart... BUT!!! ... I still wonder, WHY HATS?!?!?! . I mean seriously people, why couldn't it be mokeys or doritos??? Hats are boring!!!

Well neways... talking about the hats, each of them represent a specific aspect that we can be writing about in a reflective piece of writing.

WHITE HAT- Information... objective facts and figures. Here we write about this like tasks for the class, information that we might need to complete the task and what we have been doing.

YELLOW HAT- Strengths... optimistic and hopes and positive things. Here we write about tihngs like what we did well, value of the work we did and the best possible scenario.

BLACK HAT- Weaknesses... survival, critical thinking. Here we write about our weaknesses, improvements, and analysis of different posibilities.

RED HAT- Feelings... express feelings, emotions and intuition. Here we write about achievements and feelings current works.

BLUE HAT- Thinking... management, organisation and need to explores. Here we write about thoughts about what we are learning, defining problems and thinking about thinking.

GREEN HAT- New ideas... energy hat, new ideas, options and alternatives. Here we write about different alternatives, new ideas, what's to come and thoughts about improvements.

Well that was the 6 thinking hats of de Bono FROM MY OWN WORDS.

That's all for this lesson. BYE!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Ok... this is the post for the first day of the sixth week.

To start off... a good news and a bad news. First the good news, THE BLOGGER OF WEEK WAS AWARED... bad news, ... TO VANILLE!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Oh well... I tried... I guess it wasn't good enough :'(...but there's always a next time!!! :D

Next we were given the task of "Framework and Focus". For this task we had to answer a few simple questions about digital portfolios... BUT!!! ... we had to wait for the IT technicians to finish installing some softwares into our laptops. this took about 20 minutes or so, so what we had to do was to sit down in little groups of about 3 and discus on how to answer the questions that we were given.

We basically discussed some things that we could have answered and tried to avoid Ridwan listening to all of our ideas; but it didn't work, Ridwan was to hard to push away soI guess he now knows some of our ideas. Well after that we basically sat down and did our work on Framework and Focus, which basically took the whole lesson.

That's all for this lesson


Actually no, I would like to mention some points about vanille's blog that really inspired
- interesting posts
- good use of colours
- interesting personal statement
- nice pictures and use of colours in personal statement

I guess I should go now... BYE!

Friday, September 16, 2005


I would like to apologies for any type of " not doing what was suppose to be done" but I am having some problems with posting my personal statement on to the weblogs since I DONT KNOW HOW TO!!! So I just planned to post it into my blog!!! Am I a genius or what?!?!?!

Oh well here goes.

Personal Statement

Hello. I am Taufiq, I am 15 years old and I’m studying in 9th grade in the International School of Dhaka. One of the major goals in Grade 9 for me is to create a digital portfolio, here I will e create a portfolio, but a digital version of it. In my digital portfolio, I will be keeping some of my works form this year, and also be mentioning things like achievements and improvements. I have interest in science, visual arts and performing arts but my most favorite is math since I really like learning new concepts and challenging myself with mathematical problems. In my digital portfolio I will be including things like work samples and a reflection tag from each subject, rubrics and achievements. I would like to have an organized and interesting digital portfolio for everyone to view.

I think I am strong individual, since I always try my best at achieving my highest potential and be competitive. I always set the bars high for my self and keeping on setting it higher and higher as I am going through a year to challenge myself in as many ways as possible. In the same I try to be confident in achieving all of these goals that I made for myself. I have been in ISD for 6 years now and I have always tried to maintain a best standard for all of my work. Last year I achieved the awards for PE and the most improved award. In the previous years I have been involved with things like soccer team, netball team, concert band, and many CS activities. I graduated from elementary to secondary school in year of 2001-2002 and now I am studying in the 9th grade.

In the last few years I have been involved in a lot of things at school that have given me experiences in different school; things like: The Soap Box Project, The Trade Fair Project, The Roman Banquet and etc. These major projects have given me knowledge through all subjects and have made me a better student.

The personal statement is one of my first steps towards the completion of my digital portfolio. Please try to explore my digital portfolio and assess my work. I will be looking forward to include work samples from everyone of my subjects and also make a successful digital portfolio

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is the 2nd post for the third. Once again, I would apologies for not having a proper post for yesterday, as we didn’t have a lesson.

In this lesson we were first told that we had to update our blogs by the next week. This included: updating our weekly journal (2 posts each week), updating our ISD weblogs page, finishing off our digital portfolio comments homework, finishing off our personal statement and finishing off anything else that was suppose to be finished.

Next we were told about our Blogger of the Week contest/ competition/ anything else you might like to call it. The Blogger of the week is a little competition that will be held in our class, where the Blogger with the best blog by the end of the week will be entitled… THE BLOGGER OF THE WEEK... and pretty much nothing else. The criteria for the Blogger of the week for the coming week will need there blog to be as updated as possible and make sure everything is included, as mentioned by Mrs. Lindsay.

I think it’s time that I actually start talking about I actually did in this. As I was eager to start off with the determination of being the next Blogger of the Week… it turned out that the wireless connection was not working. It was nothing unexpected, as told by Mrs. Lindsay, that the IT staff had already mentioned, that there might be some problems. For this reason I ended up having to type up all of my posts and personal statement things in a word document for later posts in the week, when I might get the access to the internet.

That’s all for this lesson. Please stay tuned for the next post and pray to god that I have my home internet connection fixed, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lesson Notice

Sorry for not having any posts for the Tuesday of the third week, as we didn’t have school this day due to Shab-E-Barat.

Though I will be back for the Wednesday’s lesson… so stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


This is my post for the second day of the third week.

In this lesson we were introduced to digitals portfolio witha bit more depth... we talked about the advantages, disadvantages, requirements and blah blah blah.
We were told to study a set of things from a word file in the file server, containing information about portfolios and digital portfolios and then publish a post in our blogs stating three advantages, one disadvantage and three important features of a digital portfolio, and also describe a student digital portfolio that we viewed and liked. For the rest of the lesson, we just basically went on doing this task... nothing that special.

That's all for this week. Please look in one of my next posts for the task mentioned before.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This post is for the 1st day of the 3rd week

In this week's Technology lesson, we got separated into the 3 different class according to our ttor groups, the Bs went to Mr. Hawkins, the Cs went to Mr. Tarry and us, the As went to Mrs. Lindsay.

In Mrs. Lindsays class, we first told to open up our blogspots, weblogs and file server in our laptops, so that Mrs. Lindsay can see that all of thos things were working in our configured laptops. I was able to d all of those things apart from the getting into the file server for some reason. So next i went to Mr. Sohail to chekc it out, but it started working again when I logged off and then on again.

The rest of the lesson was basically up to us ut we were recommended to put up a picture in out weblogs or update our blogspot. I was busy changing the appearance in my weblog since i was having problems with it.

That's all for this lesson.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Updated Profile

I just wanted to say that, i have updated my profile, so anybody who wants to check it out can.