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Friday, September 16, 2005


I would like to apologies for any type of " not doing what was suppose to be done" but I am having some problems with posting my personal statement on to the weblogs since I DONT KNOW HOW TO!!! So I just planned to post it into my blog!!! Am I a genius or what?!?!?!

Oh well here goes.

Personal Statement

Hello. I am Taufiq, I am 15 years old and I’m studying in 9th grade in the International School of Dhaka. One of the major goals in Grade 9 for me is to create a digital portfolio, here I will e create a portfolio, but a digital version of it. In my digital portfolio, I will be keeping some of my works form this year, and also be mentioning things like achievements and improvements. I have interest in science, visual arts and performing arts but my most favorite is math since I really like learning new concepts and challenging myself with mathematical problems. In my digital portfolio I will be including things like work samples and a reflection tag from each subject, rubrics and achievements. I would like to have an organized and interesting digital portfolio for everyone to view.

I think I am strong individual, since I always try my best at achieving my highest potential and be competitive. I always set the bars high for my self and keeping on setting it higher and higher as I am going through a year to challenge myself in as many ways as possible. In the same I try to be confident in achieving all of these goals that I made for myself. I have been in ISD for 6 years now and I have always tried to maintain a best standard for all of my work. Last year I achieved the awards for PE and the most improved award. In the previous years I have been involved with things like soccer team, netball team, concert band, and many CS activities. I graduated from elementary to secondary school in year of 2001-2002 and now I am studying in the 9th grade.

In the last few years I have been involved in a lot of things at school that have given me experiences in different school; things like: The Soap Box Project, The Trade Fair Project, The Roman Banquet and etc. These major projects have given me knowledge through all subjects and have made me a better student.

The personal statement is one of my first steps towards the completion of my digital portfolio. Please try to explore my digital portfolio and assess my work. I will be looking forward to include work samples from everyone of my subjects and also make a successful digital portfolio


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