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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


This is my second post for the sixth week.

Hmmm... in this lesson we were basically told to work on stuff, stuff meaning blog, weblogs or the framework and focus task... BUT!!! ... before that we were introduced to EDWARD DE BONO'S 6 HATS!!! This hat-zy thing-zy thingies are basically there to help us out while writing stuff like reflection, diary stuff or even blog posts. The six hats basically cover all aspects of thing we might write about in a written reflective work so I guess the de Bono guy is quite smart... BUT!!! ... I still wonder, WHY HATS?!?!?! . I mean seriously people, why couldn't it be mokeys or doritos??? Hats are boring!!!

Well neways... talking about the hats, each of them represent a specific aspect that we can be writing about in a reflective piece of writing.

WHITE HAT- Information... objective facts and figures. Here we write about this like tasks for the class, information that we might need to complete the task and what we have been doing.

YELLOW HAT- Strengths... optimistic and hopes and positive things. Here we write about tihngs like what we did well, value of the work we did and the best possible scenario.

BLACK HAT- Weaknesses... survival, critical thinking. Here we write about our weaknesses, improvements, and analysis of different posibilities.

RED HAT- Feelings... express feelings, emotions and intuition. Here we write about achievements and feelings current works.

BLUE HAT- Thinking... management, organisation and need to explores. Here we write about thoughts about what we are learning, defining problems and thinking about thinking.

GREEN HAT- New ideas... energy hat, new ideas, options and alternatives. Here we write about different alternatives, new ideas, what's to come and thoughts about improvements.

Well that was the 6 thinking hats of de Bono FROM MY OWN WORDS.

That's all for this lesson. BYE!!!


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