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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This post is for the 1st day of the 3rd week

In this week's Technology lesson, we got separated into the 3 different class according to our ttor groups, the Bs went to Mr. Hawkins, the Cs went to Mr. Tarry and us, the As went to Mrs. Lindsay.

In Mrs. Lindsays class, we first told to open up our blogspots, weblogs and file server in our laptops, so that Mrs. Lindsay can see that all of thos things were working in our configured laptops. I was able to d all of those things apart from the getting into the file server for some reason. So next i went to Mr. Sohail to chekc it out, but it started working again when I logged off and then on again.

The rest of the lesson was basically up to us ut we were recommended to put up a picture in out weblogs or update our blogspot. I was busy changing the appearance in my weblog since i was having problems with it.

That's all for this lesson.


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