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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is the 2nd post for the third. Once again, I would apologies for not having a proper post for yesterday, as we didn’t have a lesson.

In this lesson we were first told that we had to update our blogs by the next week. This included: updating our weekly journal (2 posts each week), updating our ISD weblogs page, finishing off our digital portfolio comments homework, finishing off our personal statement and finishing off anything else that was suppose to be finished.

Next we were told about our Blogger of the Week contest/ competition/ anything else you might like to call it. The Blogger of the week is a little competition that will be held in our class, where the Blogger with the best blog by the end of the week will be entitled… THE BLOGGER OF THE WEEK... and pretty much nothing else. The criteria for the Blogger of the week for the coming week will need there blog to be as updated as possible and make sure everything is included, as mentioned by Mrs. Lindsay.

I think it’s time that I actually start talking about I actually did in this. As I was eager to start off with the determination of being the next Blogger of the Week… it turned out that the wireless connection was not working. It was nothing unexpected, as told by Mrs. Lindsay, that the IT staff had already mentioned, that there might be some problems. For this reason I ended up having to type up all of my posts and personal statement things in a word document for later posts in the week, when I might get the access to the internet.

That’s all for this lesson. Please stay tuned for the next post and pray to god that I have my home internet connection fixed, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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