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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

BONJOUR!!! (that's french for good morning... i thought that "Hi"s and "Hello"s were getting quite boring so just wanted to try something new)

This the 7th week now, and this post is for the first lesson of the week.

Just before I start doing things the way they are suppose to be done, We have been told to create our post in the format of following MR. DE BONO's HATS (Woooooow what a conincidence!!! The number of letters in de Bono are exactly the same as the number of hats there are in de Bono's hats!!!) and I think the best blog to follow that method will recieve THE BLOGGER OF THE WEEK!!!

WHITE HAT- The class tasks in this lessons were to work on the Multimedia Elements; in this task we have a few questions about use of multimedia in our blogs or weblogs. it also involved us researching about some appropriate softwares that can be used for multimedia. Next we were told about this mini report that is going to be duein the 11th, it had to include all the recent mini-mini reports that we had to work on, which are Portfolios Defined, Framework and Focus, and Multimedia Elements. Apart from that our daily task is to update our blogs as usual. For me to do these task I basically need to analyse my knowledge about mutlimedia and I might also have to look in the internet for some sites including information about multimedia softwares. In this lesson I have been basically working on the Multimedia task and didn't concentrate on doing any other tasks.

YELLOW HAT- I think in this lesson I have done well in working on the given task, I didn't concentrate about working on my weblogs or blogs since I was determind to finish the task. I think the amount or work that I have put into it is quite high since I was really concentrating,

BLACK HAT- I think in this lesson my weaknesses are my lack of speed for working as I am really slow at working which is why I also couldn't finish the work that I started on. I think I can improve on this by practicing in concentrating more in the lesson so that I am focused in what I am doing and make sure nobody interrupts me. For this I might have to sit in a different location in the class and try a different method of doing all of my work.

RED HAT- I think I have achieved a decent amount of work in this week, since I tried my best. I think I do have to continue all of my work and also update my blog as a task in hand. I do feel happy about what I have and also a bit nervous on the case of who is going to be next BLOGGER OF THE WEEK!!!

BLUE HAT- I think I have been learning and will be learning about the use of multimedia in this week, and it is also definate that I am going to learn a bit more as I have to do some research on softwares for multimedia which I haven't seen before. I think for the task to be handed in this comming 11th of october I have to somehow extend the work in hand through some method as I want to achive a high grade. I should be thinking about extension work on everything, doing given tasks and also use of multimedia for my weblog and blog.

Green Hat- I think some new ideas I have got have already been mentioned in my blog, things like haveing extension work done, and also methods on how to improve my time working, and also how I will be working in the coming days. I think next I will try use the same method of writing my blog post the same method as this post as I can give some in-depth analysis of everything that happened. I am also going to prepare myself for the mini report as and will be thinking about it.

ORANGE HAT- (I have planned to have an extra hat where I might like to include fun stuff or anything else that happened in the lesson, and things I didn't have a chance to include in the other hats). A major accident took place today in the technology lesson. Somehow the new girl in the class (I am really sorry that I don't know her name, plus I didnt want to pronounce or spell it the wrong way) slipped on the floor in the Multimedia Room where we have our Technology lesson near the place where Mrs. Lindsay sits. So please beware of wet floors!!!

Note: All viewers notice the amount of writing in this post... I think I derserve the next "YOU KNOW WHAT"

That's all for this lesson... stay tuned for the next BLOGGER OF THE WEEK, blalalala, I mean post, hehe. BYE!


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