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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hi People! It’s me… again. Sorry that there cannot be any type of improvement to me as I am still the same old Taufiq… fun, creative and cute… just kidding!!! This is my post for the 1st lesson of the 8th week. Oh well, since I don’t have ages or anything super duper special to talk about, I’ll go directly into hat mode.

White Hat- We started off the lesson, with a bit of discussion over our task to be due in TODAY, and a bit about the world of Adobe!!! Cool that rhymes!!! Mrs. Lindsay start off with a bit of discussion over who did or did not hand have a hard copy of their task, the task handed in to turnitin.com and try out the softwares available for us in our laptops. Sadly enough, very few people did almost ANY post for their blogspot and some people didn’t have a hard copy of their work and also hadn’t handed their task in to turnitin.com. But good news was that, the task was still hand-in-able to tunritin.com by that night 11:59pm and our next task absolute ruins the hard work of the people who had already printed out a hard copy. Oh well, next we were shown through an adobe software called Adobe Acrobat which is told to be better than Microsoft word, I personally still think ms word is still better as I am not that used to it YET. One very cool feature that we were shown in that software was that ability to save webpages, especially that it not only saves a webpage, but it also saves links coming out of it. This software saves its files into PDF formats which might be familiar to some people who might have encountered while searching through different web files. The great about it is that you can include different notes, comments, and even sound files onto the PDF files; this is a great thing for a teacher to assess someone’s work digitally. We were next told to convert our task into a PDF file and send it Mrs. Lindsay and also if possible to submit the task in to turnitin.com for all the people who haven’t. Our next task was to look into the task of organizing our portfolio, this is a task for us to basically organise our work for our digital portfolio. We were told to start on it, but a due date was not mentioned. I think for me to complete this task successfully I have to basically think through it all by myself, since there might not be any research needed.

Yellow Hat- I think in this lesson, I have worked through the whole lesson quite well. I put in my best commitment into trying to concentrate and finish the entire task if possible by the end of the lesson. I managed to get through converting my work into a PDF file with ease giving me an advantage to work more by the end of the lesson. I think i managed to work through a bit of the task given to us; even I didn’t manage to finish it off by the end. I think the best possible scenario for me would be to finish up all my work by the end of every lesson.

Black Hat- The speed still lacks, once again. I still didn’t manage to finish off my work by the end of the lesson and I still need to improve a lot. I think I possibility for me not being able to do this might either be me not being quick enough in understand the task given or Mrs. Lindsay not giving us enough time to finish it off by the end of the class. I will again try to be more focused in the work to come though all the methods I have tried are not working. One major weakness this lesson was that, I was having some problems in my laptop with the wireless LAN, as a matter of a fact, everybody in the class was having that problem, but as we found out later, the IT staff had already predicted that there might have a bit of interruption with the connection for the day. I think we must know in advance for the next lesson if we are going to have any wireless LAN problems so that maybe some of the students in the class can go to IT Lab to use the PCs available there.

Red Hat- once again, I have achieved a decent amount of work by the end of this lesson. I have still maintained a good confidence into achieving the BLOGGER OF THE WEEK the next time hopefully which is why I will try my best into achieving the best I can. I feel good about the progress I am making though there are some upsets which I able to recover from. I have also once again been told that some people admire my work in my blog, and they use it as a model.

Blue Hat- as I already mentioned, I feel very good about the work I achieved. I also feel good about the effort I have put into. But still sadly I haven’t met the goal I wanted as to finish of all my work by the end of the lesson, which I am not THAT disappointed about. I think I need further thinking about how I can tackle all the problems that occurred during the lesson problems such as, connection problems, time management skills and also my effort skills in times when I’m interrupted by other people in the class. I think I have defined all of problems and achievements as stated previously but I might have look back at things I haven’t defined or though about that may count as an achievement or a weakness.

Green Hat- (please look forward to a major green hat report on one of next posts)

Orange Hat- There is a major conflict taking place in Technology class almost every lesson, something I like to call “the fight for the plugs”. In the beginning of the lesson, most of the competitors are racing to sit on the set of tables facing towards the school fields, after this, they quickly open up their laptops, take out their charging wires and make a final dive to get one the free electrical outlets. Some succeed but most fail, and even after all this trouble some cases go as far as verbal as well as physical.

Well, that’s’ all for this lesson, please stay tuned for the next post and also a major post for the green hat in this week’s post. BYE!


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