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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hi people who are at the moment looking at my posts and thinking how dumb this blogger is to be talking to himself and thinking that people even care to even look at his blog! This my second post for the 8th week. Without any further ado I would like to start commenting through the 6 hats.

White Hat- we started off the lesson with the usual, start up your computer and bring your chairs to the front. We first discussed about our task to be done and handed. We are suppose to work on our Organizing and Producing task, which includes us creating a storyboards done in inspiration and also a table of contents for our weblogs. We have been told that there will be major task due in near December where a lot of the tasks that we did or are going to do are due in. The requirements for the BLOGGER OF THE WEEK for next week have been announced. The next BLOGGER OF THE WEEK will be chosen according to the person with 2 entries following De Bono’s hats, a storyboard of their weblogs converted into jpg format and a major post on the green hat posted on the blog will be awarded the blogger of the week. I think for me to complete all of these tasks specially the Organizing and Producing task, I must brainstorm on different idea s and also ask about ideas from different people to what kind of ideas they have which I might be able to modify. I will look forward to take the aid of using De Bono’s hats for a outline for me to use for my blog entries. In this lesson after going through the usual coming to the front of the class, I settled down to work on the Organizing and Producing task, unfortunately the wireless LAN didn’t have a strong strength, which delayed my work speed. I went down to typing all of my blog entries onto a word document. I went down to listing some points for the blog entries of that specific day so that I wasn’t wasting a lot of time. When my wireless LAN connection recovered back, I went down to checking out the ICT home task here I found the entire task that was needed for me. I made start on my story board as it was one of requirements for the next BLOGGER OF THE WEEK. Our objective was basically make a storyboard in inspiration and then convert it into a jpg file so that it is post able into our blogs. I ended up working on my storyboard for the whole lesson.

Yellow Hat- I have been increasing my amount of strength moreover this lesson than the last one. As usual I have always tried to put in my best efforts. I thought worked a slight bit faster in this lesson as I have slowly picked up the pace of working that should be acceptable, even though wasn’t able to finish off my work completely. Even though I might have been, I have noticed that I always try to keep the quality of my work at a high standard. I have always tried keeping an informative and interesting work for my entire task. Some of my other strengths this week might be the fact that I have worked well and managed complete a decent amount of work, so that I don’t have a lot left for the end. Another aspect of strength might be that I have tried to research through things for my own strengths, example for I asked questions to some of my peers about their progress in work, and I have also visited some weblogs from this year and last year to get a basic idea over everything. I also used my time wisely, example for the time I was having problems with my wireless LAN, I went down to tasks that didn’t involve a the access to the internet.

Black Hat- my weakness for this week once again would be the aspect of not having enough speed to complete all within the time given in class. I have noticed that due to the fact that I am largely focusing on making my work informative and interesting for the readers, this has given me a set back for speed where I waste a bit too much time into my work. Another weakness encountered is that I also have some work left for this week to do at home; I must be looking forward to not encounter this problem again. Once again, same as last lesson, I encountered problems with my wireless LAN and due to this I was a bit behind task since I didn’t have the complete amount of time I could have used. My ideas about the tasks given at times are also quit weak, where I have to look around for an idea on to what to include in a task. This is due to the fact I lack knowledge on digital portfolios.

Red Hat- I feel god about most of the work I have done this week. I have tried to look at al of my weakness and lacking ness and tried to look for methods so that I will not encounter any of these types of problems later on. I have always to maintain my working standards and also kept my confidence high as some of the previous weeks so that I would do my best in all tasks. I feel good that even if I lack the speed, I do manage to complete all task within the due dates and still maintain good standards. I was still disappointed at my weakness which I must overcome by the next week.

Blue Hat- I think I have done well over this weeks work and have achieved a decent amount of work according to my standards. I think a large amount of thinking ahead is required for what’s to come. We have one of our major planning tasks coming up in the future so a lot of thinking should be done in that aspect. A lot of thinking has been going on and is needed for me to tackle all of my challenges. I think I have defined all of my problems and tasks that have been notified to us, even though I might need more thinking towards them.

Green Hat- (please look forward to a major green hat report on one of next posts)

Orange Hat- This week was the opening of Pod casting Bangladesh; please check it out as it is a great IT work, where the some of the students from the secondary have done a great job at making the first pod cast. Another major incident has been noticed in this week. My hair has grown longer!!! While I was merely working through some of the work to be done in our Technology lesson and listening to some calm music in Sakib’s headphone… my hair got tangled in his right headphone!!! Panic suddenly attacked me and I was trying to desperately pull of the headphone from my hair, after a bit of struggling and a bit of hair loss, I was able loose the headphone. Luckily there were causalities in this incident we must look forward to protect our selves from any kind of Danger. BEWARE! HEADPHONES CAN BE EVIL!!!

That’s all for this post, please stay tuned for a major post on the green hat for this week.


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