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Friday, October 07, 2005

This is my post for the 2nd day of the 7th week… a day of great achievements and recognitions.To start off I would like to mention a good news and a bad news.



Plagiarism is becoming a major issue for our blog posts now. Many are copying off contents from people’s posts on to theirs with out even referencing!!! Believe it or not I even had some of my friends coming up to me and saying that they are just going copy the stuff on to theirs… I mean like DUDE… that is PLAGIARISING!!! I guess I have been hyper enough, time to switch to hat mode.

White Hat- this week we were basically talked about Noodle Tools in the beginning of the lesson that how great, and user friendly, and useful, and fun, and cute Noodle Tools is… BUT I disagree, incase people did not know, there are other sites that can help you with you citation. One great site that I use is Citation Machine!!! This is a free citation site where all you have to do is… go to the site… click on what type of citation source… fill in the stuff… one more click and DONE!!! See how easi~ER it is plus it gives you most MLA and APA citations both at the same time. I did mention this specific site to Mrs. Lindsay last week, she does know this site and likes it her self… BUT she uses Noodle Tools since the school pays for it. True… but I guess Noodle Tools scares me too much… I’ll stick to Citation Machine. After a long discussion on the Noodle Tools we were next sent to do work on our report that is due the next week. This includes the Portfolio Defined, Focus and Framework and Multimedia Elements. We basically have to finish those off. "Easy… very easy" as said by Mr. Horkins. I basically have to polish off the previous works, which are P Defined and Framework and Focus, and I have to finish up my Multimedia Elements.

Yellow Hat- I have pretty well in this lesson, I have finished most of my work already and I am reasonably not that busy to be able to finish the rest of tasks left. My effort is growing day by day into my IT work and hopefully I am keeping it up. There is one more unusual strengths for me this week… since I am the BLOGGER OF THE WEEK I might be cherished by some of my peers into letting me help them into their blogs in a change of opening the doors for me, carrying my bag, hmmm… oh well it’s to good to dream.

Black Hat- Once again, I would like to emphasize my lack of speed. I am student who works very slow and likes to take their into doing all their work, I think the only "fast" thing in me is that I can type with a decent speed, so I don’t lag behind in tasks such as blog postings and things like that. The method of trying to sit in a different in the Multimedia Room is a waste due to the lack of power outlets, so I guess I have to try out some other method in concentrating better next time. Last but not least PLAGIARISM!!! As I have already mentioned I am really scared that people are copying off contents form each other blogs please check the beginning of this post for more comments on this topic.

Red Hat- My feelings for this week is pretty good and confident due to the fact that I achieved the BLOGGER OF THE WEEK award, now I am confident enough to believe that, yes, I can get another one. I was feeling a bit bad, as to some of friend having negative comments towards my blog, but then again, maybe they were just simply jealous! But other than that I received some positive comments from some of my friends. Prottoy for example commented on the contents, interestingness (if there is such a word) and creativity of my blog and to tell the truth, I do appreciate what he mentioned as he did read through my blog, instead of JUST MAKING ASUMPTIONS. I also feel good about my work that I have managed to do by this week and also that I haven’t left a large amount to be done at home. Overall… I’m happy!!!

Blue Hat- I think my learning this week, is basically the same as the last day, due to the fact that I am just simply continuing that work that am not finished with. As I might have mentioned before, my task left to do is not a lot, I have put effort into doing it as much as possible and hopefully I am going to complete with ease by next week. I must think about new ideas and try work ahead and make things better for me. As for defining my work, I have tried to basically understand my work well, and making sure I don’t stay stuck in the day I am going to do the work at home, so for the questions I had problem understanding, I asked for help and tried to understand them as much as possible. To make it simple for everyone, I think I should be thinking about De Bono’s Hats, seriously, as I must be thinking about things like my weakness, strengths, thoughts, feelings and new ideas, the hats do simply what I should be thinking about.

Green Hat- I have indeed been thinking a lot about new ideas, but the problem is that I didn’t manage to find out many. Many basic goals will be to think about different and alternative methods of having things in my blog to change the interest of the viewers. I think what I should do is show my work to some of my peers and hear their thoughts about what might be good for my blog. For next week. I would simply be looking for some ways of improving blog though I don’t have many ideas yet. Other major factor is my weblogs, I have encountered a lot of problems with it, I think I should ask for help in to what I can do and should do with it.

Orange Hat- At last... something interesting… pfff. An awesome thing that many people also might have not noticed was the software installed in our laptops. I have tried to play around with them, and believe me they are fun! Please do try them out as they are there for a reason. This week’s major highlight is that we have a wireless dish kind of thingy inside the multimedia room!!! Has anybody noticed how much more easier our lives are now, thank you Mrs. Lindsay for such an ingenious idea. But still I guess no one really notices it being there at all, maybe we should decorate it or something since it is always tilted on one side… but then again, maybe it is tilted to catch our attention!!! WOW! That’s smart!

Oh well, I guess that’s it for this lesson’s post. Please come back to see more of it as I am trying my best to have a good blog. BYE!


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