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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hello, this is my post on one of our ICT task, where we are suppose to post one of artefacts reflections.


Math Transformation Power Point Presentation

This artifact is a presentation that we had to present in math. This presentation was one of our major tasks for our first unit of Transformations. Our main goals were to have a power point presentation, which covers at least 1 transformation and the concepts of inverse and combining transformations. It was mainly based on the criteria communication and mathematical knowledge.

I think the main reason that I chose this artifact as one of my finals ones was that I have put in a lot o effort into it. As for achievements, I had done very well, and I was specially complimented about my presentation and animations that I had included. I think I have also learnt a lot of new things in this unit and also through this task.

I think after successfully completing this task, I can apply the skills that I have learnt from this task onto other things. The things that I have mainly learnt from this task were the entire concept of transformation and the skill of making animations in Microsoft Power Point. Fm this I can apply this skill into making other presentation for other subject more creative and presentable.